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See our planned updates, their estimated release and a brief description of what they contain.

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Beta v1.0: Beta access

Beta v1.1: First update and patch

Beta v1.2: Agency, competitor, and link neighborhood update

Beta v1.2: Competitor, and link neighborhood update – Release: Q3 2021

The platform

Competitor feature – Give the option to add competitors and exclude them from your list of link opportunities.

SEO Score – SEO Score based on 50 factors.

Filters with angels – There will be filters that make it possible to find pages that are from news media (Hello digital PR!), from real companies, from local businesses, guest post opportunities, regular blog posts, resource pages, and many more.

Link profile – You will now be able to see an overall LRS based on in-content backlinks to a domain making it possible to detect low or non-relevant backlinks.

Text analysis

Link neighborhood – Placement of a link in the content and relevance of other outbound links is now being analyzed.

Intelligent Link match – Pages will also be matched based on geographical relevance and you will be able to filter link opportunities by location for better Local SEO usage.

Link Relevance Score is now Local – LRS will take Local SEO relevance into account for pages that write about geographical locations.

Backlink’s Link Relevance Score – We are now also calculating an LRS based on backlinks. Data such as anchor text and location of a link will be included in the calculation.

Beta v1.1: First update and patch – Release: Q2 of 2021

The platform

Multi-account feature – You will now be able to add and manage multiple domains with one account. You will be able to switch between domains with one click.

Speed improvements – Big speed improvements on loading speeds.

Loading screens – while waiting for analysis and loading of heavy menus, such as Link Opportunities.

Better and more filters – A lot of new filter options is being added as well as updated versions the current. New filters like language, local, page types, and more.

Re-analyze button – for link opportunities to get the fresh version of the link opportunity page. “Last analyzed date” is also added to the Link opportunity card.

UX update – More intuitive interface and ease of use in general.

Better anchor text suggestions – Anchor text suggestions based on relevant keywords and surrounding context are now displayed for each link opportunity.

Better sign up flow – A much cleaner and simpler sign up flow which makes it easy for you to create an account without having to verify with a Google Search Console account.

LRS and crawl bug fixes – Bugs, when LRS is in the process of being calculated for freshly analyzed pages and cannot be exported, are fixed. Text analysis request does not crawl properly bug is fixed.

Text analysis

Link Relevance Score – More context data is being used in the LRS, such as the suggested anchor texts relevance.

SEO Score – SEO Score is based on 40 factors.

Intelligent Link match – More Content topics included which gives more relevant link opportunities.

Beta v1.0: Beta access – Release: Q1 2021

The platform

Settings menu – allows you to view your associated Google accounts, register pages for use on the Tabtimize platform, and a deleted account option.

The Billing and Usage menu – allows you to track your balance of analysis credits and link request credits. In addition, you can add more credits, view and change your subscriptions as well as view/download invoices.

The Link Opportunities menu – The Link Opportunities menu allows you to see relevant link opportunities and perform actions with link opportunities, such as add to list. There are basic filtering and sorting options.

The Lists menu – shows all created campaign lists, where the lists can be accessed to see the saved link opportunities. In addition, they can be mass exported to CSV.

The help tips off/on button – allows the user to choose when to display help icons.

Introduction Tutorial – the first time you log-on to the platform to view the most essential things for building links on Tabtimize.

Re-analyze request button – for requesting the user’s pages to be re-analyzed and getting fresh data.

Text analysis

Link Relevance Score – The first version of the Link Relevance Score takes into account words, topics, anchor texts, and semantics.

SEO Score – First version of SEO Score with 31 factors.

Intelligent Link match – The first version of intelligent Link match links pages based on current text analysis and logical match criteria.

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