Understand the analysis-credit system

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At Tabtimize, analysis-credits are used to perform textual analysis of web pages.

When you need to analyze one of your own registered pages, or when you request a fresh text analysis of a link opportunity, you use analysis-credits to do so.

request a fresh textual analysis of your web page

Analysis balance

In the Billing and Usage menu, you can find the box with your analysis-credit balance “ANALYSIS BALANCE”, which shows you how many analyzes you have left and how many you have used in the current month.

As soon as you have requested a text analysis, 1 analysis credit will be deducted from your analysis balance.

Analysis-credits and subscription plans

When you sign up for Tabtimize, you must also choose a subscription plan to sign up with. Each plan has an associated number of analysis credits that follow monthly.

With paid plans, excess credits from the previous month are automatically transferred to the next month together with the associated credits for the new month.

That is, if you are subscribed to the Premium plan which contains 372 monthly analysis credits and you, for example, only use 100 of these, then the remaining 272 will be transferred over to the next month, so that next month you will have 644 available analysis credits on your analysis balance.

This only applies to paid plans and extra purchased analysis credits. As a Free user, excess analysis credits will not be carried over to the next month, which means that the analysis balance starts from 5 again.

However, with the exception that additional analysis credits have been purchased, these, if not used, will be carried over to the next month as well.

Get more analysis-credits

If you want to add more credits to your analysis balance, this can be done in two ways.

If you are not already signed up for the Premium plan, you can upgrade to a paid plan that contains more analysis credits than your current plan.

change subscription plan

You can buy one-off extra analysis credits which are added to the analysis balance immediately after the purchase.

One-off extra analysis credits can be purchased regardless of which subscription plan you are registered with.

One-off analysis-credit price list:

5 analysis-credits – $4,75

10 analysis-credits – $9,50

50 analysis-credits – $47,5

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