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If you have added or removed pages to your sitemap and would like to update this on Tabtimize as well, then this guide will help you update your sitemap and the pages that appear in the “Registered Pages” section in the “Settings” menu.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Settings menu.

Step 2:

Then navigate to the “Domains” section and then press the “Add sitemap” button.

Update your sitemap on Tabtimize step 2 click the fetch sitemap button

A box appears where you get two options:

  1. Manual entering of the sitemap URL.
  2. Fetching sitemap from your Google Search Console.

Manual entering of the sitemap URL:

When entering a sitemap manually, press “Get sitemap” so that we retrieve the pages included in the sitemap.

After clicking the “Get sitemap” button you will see a notification when the sitemap has been successfully been retrieved.

Fetching sitemap from your Google Search Console.

First you need to select the “Fetch sitemap from Google Search Console” option.

Now click on the “Fetch sitemap” button.

If you have not previously associated your Google Account with Tabtimize you will be asked to give Tabtimize permission to access your Google Search Console so that we can retrieve your Sitemap.

Your sitemap should now have updated.

Julian Singh

Julian is the founder of Tabtimize. He has more than 7 years of SEO experience and loves helping companies use AI to raise their SEO potential.