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The future of SEO and link building

Explore the future of contextual link building

Save time and get our tool to examine the contextual relevance of link opportunities, as well as the relevance of your own websites link profile. It is easy to compare the relevance of the pages with the Link Relevance Score, which brings together the entire relevance analysis into one metric.

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How Tabtimize works

Textual and Contextual analysis

With a comprehensive text and context analysis, we understand the content of your page. We analyze your page based on seven context levels, which among other things include, the topics of the pages, the topic of each section and the importance of the words for the page.

Finding relevant link opportunities for you

We compare your pages with our database of web pages and find relevant link opportunities for you. Not all links are equal. Use our relevance metrics, Link Relevance Score, to sort link opportunities from low to high relevance.

Reaching out to relevant backlink opportunities

Build relevant backlinks by reaching out to relevant website owners and requesting a link. We give you 4 different features that you can use to find relevant link opportunitites. Including your competitors' backlinks.

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/ month

Beta Tester

For companies that want to try out relevant link building

  • Max 20 new LO per month
  • 5 Link Requests per month
  • 5 text analyzes per month
  • Backlink Engine access
  • Max 10 pages registered


/ month


For companies that want to see results of their link building

  • Max 8500 new LO per month
  • Access to all Tabtimize features
  • Max 300 pages registered
  • 372 Link Requests per month
  • 186 text analyzes per month


/ month


For pros who want to see their link building results skyrocket

  • Unlimited new LO per month
  • Access to all Tabtimize features
  • Unlimited pages registered
  • 800 Link Requests per month
  • 372 text analyzes per month