Automatic Contextual Prospecting

With Tabtimize's Automatic Contextual Link Prospecting feature, you will never have to do tedious prospecting again. Reach out to relevant opportunities in no time and get more replies.

Features from Tabtimize that skyrocket your rankings

Get 10x Better Outreach Results With
Contextual Relevant Link Opportunities

Save HOURS of manual prospecting of relevant link opportunities with our prospecting AI. We analyze your target pages content, go out on the web to find related web pages and analyze them to match you with the relevant ones.

Relevant link opportunities with Tabtimize Backlink Engine

Discover never-seen-before data for link building prospecting. We provide you with keywords, entities, the main topic of the domain, the overall broad topics of the web page, the niche topics for the individual sections of the page, word count of main content, if the site accepts guest posts, and much more!

LRS: World's First Link Relevance Metric

Ever wished there was a metric that could show you exactly how relevant a link opportunity where to your target page?
Use the Link Relevance Score (LRS) to find the perfect relevance fit of link prospect and get more replies.

Compare the relevance basis of any web page with the Relevance Comparison feature.

Link Relevance Score gives you a quick overview of the relevancy between your target page and the link opportunity. Scale your prospecting without losing relevancy.

How It Works

Get a step-based view of how our prospecting works.

Step 1: Analyzing target page

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Firstly, we will analyze your target page. The analysis will provide the prospecting AI with a understanding of what your target page is about.

Step 2: Searching on the web for related pages

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Based on the target page's given context, the prospecting AI will search on various search engines and databases for pages related to the context of the target page. Those related pages will all be analyzed by our AI as well.

Step 3: Match target page with relevant link opportunities

Understand your rankings as well as where in the SERP they are positioned above or below the fold

The AI will match your target page with those analyzed pages it have found to be relevant for your target page. From here you only need to pick those you find best fitted for your link building campagin.