Build relevant links and watch your rankings take off

Tabtimize offers many features that makes relevant link building much easier. Discover new relevant link opportunities, manage link requests, compare relevancy between any web page and keep track of your link opportunities in lists or export them.

Features from Tabtimize that skyrocket your rankings

Explore relevant link opportunities

The Backlink Engine enables you to identify relevant link opportunities for your pages. If you do not want to scroll through hundreds of link opportunities, you can easily use one of our in-depth 10 filter options that make sure you only find the right opportunities, or simply sort by Link Relevance Score.

Relevant link opportunities with Tabtimize Backlink Engine

You can export the selected link opportunities to your favorite file formats, outreach tools or send a link request directly to one of our users through the Link Community feature.

Compare relevancy to any page

Have you found an exciting article that you are curious to know the relevance of? With the help of the Relevance Comparison feature, you can find out if the two pages have a relevance to each other.

Compare the relevance basis of any web page with the Relevance Comparison feature.

Link Relevance Scheme provides an overview of the two pages' opportunities for linking. Each row shows the different opportunity as well as how it affects the Link Relevance Score. You can add one or more link opportunity for export, campaign list, or request the link opportunity through the Link Community feature.


All the important information is displayed in a comprehensive but clear dashboard.

Tabtimize Dashboard with a clear overview of the most important KPIs

Stay ahead of your competitors with our SEO tools and trackers

Key Performance Trackers

Understand your rankings as well as where in the SERP they are positioned above or below the fold

Track the performance of key indicators with our Key Perfomance Trackers
Measure the perfomance of your keywords position and pixels, your Link Relevance Score and SEO Score.

Spy on your competitors

Spy on your competitors and track their progression through the SEO landscape.

Get an overview of how your competitors are performing in relation to you and each other.
Which pages have high SEO Score, how relevant are their links, keep an eye on their rankings or try to reach out to pages that links to them.

SEO Health Check

Understand your rankings as well as where in the SERP they are positioned above or below the fold

Get an overview of your site's overall SEO health.
Use the SEO Score as an indicator of how your SEO's progression and view action suggestions to improve any deficiencies.

Stay ahead of your competitors and take control of the SERP