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One of the most difficult tasks in link prospecting is to find out if the page you have the prospect actually comes from a topical authoritative domain, especially when you do not know the domain in advance.

You can get a feel for this with the Domain topic.

What is Domain topic?

Domain topic is based on the same topic categories system that is used to determine a URL topic, however, the domain topic is the one main topic that best describes what the entire domain is about, rather than just the URL.

Since there can only be one domain topic, it will therefore not be able to hover over just like the other topics and keywords.

Link opportunities is not matched based on domain topics, this is also why you will be able to see link opportunities with various domain topics.

How Tabtimize determine a URL topic

So how do we determine a Domain topic and how do we score it.

Well, a Domain topic is based on all the pages that we have analyzed on a domain. This also means that pages we haven’t crawled and analyzed will not be included in the domain topic calculation.

The calculation and determination of a domain topic are based on the same assessment system that is used in the URL topic, but with the domain topic, the URL structure of the domain as well as the occurrences of a topic is also being taking into account.

For example, the homepage of a domain will be much more important than an orphan page which also will have an impact on the assessment of the domain topic.

How should the Domain topic be used?

So the domain topic is picked on the basis of a lot of different factors that all together should provide you with a good idea of what the domain, that a particular link opportunity is hosted on, is about.

Let’s say you are prospecting for a website about cars and more specifically about a custom build Audi RSQ8.

You want to find some link opportunities which are 100% car-focused as you know that your page would bring a lot of value to car fans.

The domain topic will help you navigate through link opportunities that perhaps don’t have the highest LRS or is directly about an Audi RSQ8, to find those link opportunities that come from websites with topical authority on cars.

The domain topic is the broadest data point in Tabtimize’s Topical funnel.

Julian Singh

Julian is the founder of Tabtimize. He has more than 8 years of SEO experience and loves helping companies to raise their SEO potential with contextual relevance.