What does money site mean?

A money site is a website that generates revenue for its owner.

A money site can be a blog post with a form, a business sign-up page, and an affiliate blog post with affiliate links, or just about any site that can be monetized.

How are money sites different from other sites?

Money sites are different from other web pages because they generate revenue for the owner.

Other types of sites may not generate revenue, but can still help a business branding.

For example, the money site with the affiliate links can have a top X blog post, where there is no affiliate link included, but produced for the purpose of driving traffic or backlinks.

How do you identify a money site?

Money sites are easy to identify because they have a clear purpose of generating revenue.

Websites without a clear purpose such as blogs, news sites, and research sites, may not generate revenue.

However, these sites can still as previously stated, be valuable for branding and marketing.


Money sites are a valuable tool for online businesses if used correctly and strategically.

From the blog post, we have seen how to identify money sites, what differentiates them from other websites, and what exactly is a money site.

The next steps involve exploring how to monetize a website and capitalize on the advantages that money sites bring.

What is the potential of your own website or business?

Could it be turned into a money site?

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Julian Singh

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